I will be strong, Even if it all goes wrong

For the longest time you've been the biggest part of my life,
and for so long you've been my light in the dark,
And I've walkt on a line even though it aint smart,
and from time to time I thought all was right, all for nothing
(tell me no, tell me it aint so)

'Couse look at ous now
(tell me we're aint hiding)
Well look at ous now
(Standing on our own two feet)
And when the dark knight comes to get ous
I wount go down whit out a fight...
('Couse I know I have you)

All the lies that we thought would protect ous
from the cold and dark reality,
well now we know it aint so
but well never stop grown'
'couse we can feel the earth moving
(whit every heartbeat)

But if I'd call you up,
(would you answer)
In the middel of the night
(would you answer)
If I'd sade I'm okay,
(would you listen)
If I'd say that life's great,
(would you listen)
Or would you read betwen the lines,
and hear me say ''life's a disaster ''

But look at me now
(some one has to se it)
Well look at me now
(I thought you knew me better than this)
And when the darkness falls around me
I will give up so easely..
(can you hear my cry?)

Postat av: Mamma

Vad har hänt nu då? Det som var en sån positiv ton i dina anteckningar. Nu blev det plötsligt dystert igen. Kan jag hjälpa till med något? En kram eller så...

2008-09-10 @ 19:23:32

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