there's no words

08-11-07 rip. Farfar

Why is it that when I think of you it feels like I'm dieing.
Like the memoris I have are never gonna' be enough,
My life is alweys gonna' be empty now that you're not araund,
My heart is alweys gonna' be aching 'couse of the loss.
I remember the day, i remember it all to well, I remember it every night.
I can still hear your last breach, I can still feel how cold your hand feelt in mine.
I can still hear the loud tears and shriekings of anguish, I can still feel the pain.

One day my father told me that my grandfather was sick, that he had cancer.
I don't remember that day 'couse it was to long ago. My granfather fought against his
cancer for seven years, he refused to give up and that I'll alweys love him for.
Though I knew he was sick I never thought that he would achely pas awey, I alweys picterd him in my life.
We would all joke to make it easyer and I alweys sad that he hade to se me graduate,
and he promist me that he would, he promist.

There's nothing to do, nothing to say and all you want is some one to tell you that it's okey,
but the pain of losing some one you love is never gonna' go awey.
So life goes on and we all have to continue like before though
nothing's ever gonna' be the same 'couse you'll alweys be missing.
You were alweys there through the good times and the bad,
no matter what happend you alweys took great care of us, all of us.

I miss you, I miss you so mutch, I just want one more day, one more hour,
just so I can tell you how mutch I love you.

You'll live on body and soul in our memoris, in our hearts forever.