You make me high, You make me real, You make me cry.

I'm staring at pictures of a time thats past, the memorys and love thats gone lost. In darkness you found me and like my knight you helpt me defeat the deamons with in. You allowed me to be me, to grow up, to se my self for how i am and not for the girl on the out side. But nothing gous by faultless and so you hade your own demons to fight and by the time we both realized it our love for each other hade turned in to a war, and we were fighting and killing each other from the inside out and the more we were fighting the deeper our love for each other became. It took time for both of ous to lay down our weapons and go empty handed in to each others arms. The pain time has laid opon ous we must now fight together, side by side, hand in hand, to reach our own paradise.
To find our own world where we can be our selfs togheter, where we can walk hand in hand as time pases.


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