there's a wall in my reality and all I se is you and me

plese come home,

I can't get to se clearly
when you're so far awey,
even though you're beside me,
helpin' me through the day.
I just can't help but wonder,
is this just a misstake,
Some day you're gonna' leave me,
well you said so your self.

Why weaste time in someting,
When you decided it would fail?

there's a cold wind blowing, and I feel so alone.
Your bed feels like an ocean and we're on different sides.
Yet in my heart I know that you are the one,
the one I wanna' spend the reast of time with,
the one I allways want to call my own.

So this is just things you write when you're all alone at night,
all though I know it's because I miss you and want you to come home.

Well my sugar honny pie soon you're at the door,
better go an freshen up so you'll be back for more ;)


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