let the screaming of our hearts be our lullaby tonight

The road that lies ahead is so unclear,
uncertain is the future but we still let it be.
Let's slumber in to our screaming hearts,
tonight lies the fog of heartbreak in the air.
But let's not forget that all is not lost,
let's not forget the memories of all that has been.
Even though we're hurting now, we'd be more lost if we forgott all that has been.

To find my knight I fled in to the night,
but only to realize that I now have to be my one hero.
No superman is gonna' save me now,
but I still have hope for a brighter day.
Tomorrow's maybe black, tommorrow maybe hard,
but to fall asleep without you is the hardest thing of all.

I write this not for pity, nor sorrow or for pain.
We're gonna' make it through this no matter who we blame.
What ever we decide the future is unclear,
uncertain is the road that lies ahead.
let the screaming of our hearts be our lullaby tonight,
though the fog of heartbreak is in the air

Postat av: Josiee

Sov så gott!

Postat av: Josiee

Tack tack:) hade en helt underbar födelsedag! Hoppas du sover gott!

2008-08-27 @ 01:13:32
URL: http://josieeme.blogg.se/fashion/

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