I have this battel to fight alone

I watched a movie late last night and coudn't catch my sleep, it was about this girl i know, it probably was me, she hade some trobels in her life it wasen't hard to se, she hade a battel to fight alone but coudn't finde the strength,  'couse her douts lide whit in an other man but he yest coudn't se,  that she only needed his suport to find the strength she never used before.

You're blinded with hate, you're blinded with love and you refuse to se, that you're worst fear is about to come true, I'm leving, cant you se? I don't want you to strangle me and keep me lockt inside, 'couse this place i used to call my home has become my prison now.

I'm worried about what's coming next, I'm scared as hell you know, I'm about to lose the most important love I got for the two men I cherish the most.

I have this battel I have to fight but alone is not an option, You se I live in this house of glas and we're throwing rocks inside, it's becouse of the wrongs that I have made and the choice of our one destroction.

I have this battel to fight alone, there's no use in hiding, but I need to know I'm not alone if some thing would go wrong, If I'm the one that's left to cry ore chased out in the night, I need to now that you'll be there to hold me in your arms, to break my fall 'couse I yest can't risk to lose it while I'm crying

Half this vers I wrote to you and half is for an other, I hope you'll read this and call me upp, but not to be my mother


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