When I'm with you I'm beutiful

We are strangers in this new life together
putting our hearts out to get hurt or whatever
I don't know whats waiting and I don't realy cear
'couse as longe as you're beside me I wont shed a tear
when you're holding me, when you're kissing me
I'm the happiest girl i coud ever be
You enterd me life when i was lost
I had no hope my heart was dust
You've filld me whit feelings
I'd never thougt I'd feel again
Thats why
when you're sad, I'm crying Sweety
When you're smiling, I'm Happy Honny
When you're down, I'm dying Darling
and when you're holding me, I'm Beutiful Baby
You make me Whole

Postat av: Spegelfobi

okej jag sugeer på att stava men i alla fall, vi kan lossas att det är en fin dikt, den är i alla fall gjord av mig :)

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