Oh sweet Mr. Al

''Mr. Al you made me strong, but I'm stronger then you now
Mr. Al you herd my song, but I'm not singing for you now
Mr. Al oh sweet you were, you always were my friend.
Mr. Al you know me well, and all the time we spent,
Together we made some big mistakes, together we lost again,
Mr. Al oh sweet you were, but it all is in the past
Mr. Al good bye to you, you knew it never last

But thank you for the tears I've cried for all the lonely nights,
Thank you for killing all my dreams, it made me win the fight,
Thank you for all the blood you spilt, the scares are fainting now,
Thank you for helping me escape, but this is my good bye.

I believe I can stand up tall and hold my head up high,
I believe that I can find my way out in this dark blue sky,
I believe that I can face my fears whit out you by my side,
I believe that  I can find my way I believe that that I can fly

ibland minns man de som varit i det som är nytt
och då kan min gammla Mr. Al passa bra att ta ner och damma av.


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